Meet our Hospital

Our Hospital in the Making

Our Ground Breaking Ceremony occurred on October 15, 2014. Exactly one year later, on October 15, 2015, our doors opened!

About our Hospital

Dr. Darlene O. Sanchez founded Loving Hands Animal Hospital on April 7, 2014. Her goal was to create a veterinary facility that provides an experience like none other, and one that raises the bar of what veterinary medicine should be.  She realized there is a need for truly compassionate veterinary care.  Having worked in the area for several years, Dr. Sanchez also realized there was a need for an animal hospital that is open after hours so that residents of Chino and Chino Hills do not have to drive 20 minutes or more to the nearest emergency hospital. She incorporated these needs to create the only animal hospital in Chino and Chino Hills that is open late every day.

At Loving Hands Animal Hospital, Dr. Sanchez' goal is to provide a loving and caring environment with the comfort of home, high quality individualized medicine, excellent client communication and superb customer service.  It is a unique hospital with innovative ideas and use of current technology. The hospital is the only practice in Chino and Chino Hills that is certified as a Cat Friendly Practice and that is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, a voluntary program in which hospitals are regularly inspected to ensure that only an excellent standard of care is ever provided to both clients and their pets.

Loving Hands Animal Hospital accepts routine, urgent and emergency cases every day.