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Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans are available for all life stages. These plans include everything your pet needs for his or her wellness care, such as vaccines, deworming, fecal tests, blood tests, nail trims, unlimited exams and emergency exam, and more. They can be divided into 12 equal payments for your convenience or can be paid in full, up front. For those that choose a payment plan, payments as low as $29.99 are available. View the available plans below, then contact us for more details:

Limited Time Only! Get $35 OFF any wellness plan if paid in full at the time of registration

Puppy Wellness Plan   (Recommended for puppies up to 6 months of age)

Canine Wellness Plan  (Recommended for older puppies and for adult dogs)

Kitten Wellness Plan  (Recommended for kittens up to 6 months of age)

Feline Wellness Plan  (Recommended for older kittens and for adult cats)

Spay/ Neuter Promotion

FREE bloodwork, exam and laser treatment (to reduce pain and speed healing) with the purchase of any spay or neuter (Wow! That's over a $120 value!)

April Promotions

Spring into Wellness with Parasite Preventative! 

Receive $5 off a Fecal Test with a scheduled Wellness Exam.


Receive $10 off your fur babies Heartworm Test, with the purchase of 6 month Heartworm preventative! (Test results must be negative to administer medications)


Call today and schedule your visit!

Intestinal parasites infect your pet when they walk and sniff around areas where other animals have defecated or when they eat wild animals, rodents, or birds. This may also happen from drinking stagnant water.  Heartworms infect your pet when they are bitten by a mosquito.  Heartworm disease left untreated causes heart and/or lung failure and is fatal. It is Highly recommended that you keep your dog and/or cat on a monthly Heartworm, flea/tick preventative all year round.

In addition, we recommend that you have your pet's blood tested for Heartworms once yearly and also have their stool tested for intestinal parasites at least two times yearly (every 6 months). 

Yelp Check-in Promotion:

Give thanks for animal identification chips & lost pets making a safe trip home. We're offering $25 microchip implantation with us registering your pet with HomeAgain. Please call to schedule an appointment! 

Loving Hands Animal Hospital supports all types of adoption. If you adopt a new family member from a shelter or rescue we will be happy to offer the initial exam within 1 week of adoption at no cost to you. Please call to schedule appointment beforehand.

This is a great opportunity to chat with one of our veterinarians about any dietary concerns, behavior issues or any new pet questions.

We now offer Acupuncture!

- $195 for Initial Acupuncture Session

- $95 for Follow-Up Acupuncture Session

Other Promotions:

- $35 OFF any Wellness Plan if paid in full at the time of the Initial Registration, not valid for Renewals.

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